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It is well known that 2018 was a very good year for renewable energy since a considerable number of countries, companies, and regions embraced sustainable energy; this 2019 also promises to be an exciting year for cleantech. The capacity of green energy sources, like solar power and wind energy, overtook that of fossil fuels for the first time ever, tripling in the last five years, while the capacity of fossil fuels has fallen by a third.

2019 is an important year for clean technology and the landscape that portraits the support to adopt new green energy alternatives is growing rapidly around the world. The use of renewable energy is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s never been easier to switch to all these green energy options since all these alternative energy sources can generate power better and cheaper than conventional methods can.

Now, let’s present some renewable energy trends that play an important role in 2019:

Energy Storage: Energy storage plays an important role in balancing power supply and demand, and is essential to tackling the intermittency issues of renewable energy. It allows energy to be generated when weather conditions are particularly sunny or windy and then stored to be used later when it’s needed. Batteries are the most common storage devices used in renewable energy systems and their use is increasing on both the residential and grid-wide scale.
Great commitments from important companies: More and more companies, cities and whole countries are committing to cutting their carbon emissions. Over 100 cities worldwide have reported that at least 70% of their energy comes from renewables, and over 40 are operating on 100% green energy. With all these big companies showing a real commitment to adopt renewable energy options, smaller businesses will follow them. It is absolutely necessary that if we’re going to fight climate change, everyone gets on board. In this case, it is up to consumers to tell businesses what they want from them, and what they can do to help tackle climate change.
Energy Blockchain And IoT: According to James Ellsmoor in an article for Forbes, blockchain technology is being adapted for use in the energy market since the lack of centralization leave it as ideal for eliminating the middlemen of electricity suppliers. It reduces energy inequality and inefficiency and empowers consumers to buy and sell energy from other consumers directly.

The electric vehicle revolution: The electric vehicle revolution started back in 2011 which made that big manufacturers like Smart, Jaguar Land Rover, Mini, and Volvo have all started developing EVs, and other car makers are expected to follow. This important alternative symbolizes less pollution since you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions; it uses renewable energy to be recharged, it can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions even further and there is also a trend to produce them with eco-friendly and materials.
Now, seeing big corporations who have invested in the oil and petrol industries for so long moving to a more renewable and environmentally friendly way of doing things, tells us that 2019 is going to be a big year for EVs.

Green energy is already proving to be more efficient than conventional sources, and with new technologies being developed, it looks set to become even more viable in 2019.

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